English as a Second Language Program

English as a Second Language Program

The Independence School District provides free English to adults over the age of 17.  Over 75 different languages are represented in our student population.  We offer seven different levels of English classes to our students, many who have come to the United States as immigrants and refugees.

For those who need it, we offer ESL instruction in combination with Citizenship/Civics training and High School Equivalency (GED) preparation. Additionally, we offer morning, afternoon, and evening classes for every level of English. 

Learning English is a considerable challenge for many new Americans and for some it can seem almost impossible; however, by learning English, adult students can:

  • Increase job opportunities and advancement
  • Obtain High School Equivalency  credentials and/or prepare for college
  • Become a United States citizen
  • Improve communication with your children, neighbors, friends, and the community. 



Our program and staff are credentialed through the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) and hold certification in Adult Education.  All staff and volunteers must pass a rigorous background check and must participate in ongoing professional development. 


ESL instruction focuses on improving students reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills.  The curriculum is designed to teach not only the language, but also aspects of American daily life, culture, and traditions.


Enrollment sessions are held on a regular basis throughout the year.  All students are required to attend a two day orientation and assessment session before they may start attending class.  Please check the enrollment section of this website or call (816) 231-2700 for more information. 



Look at ESL Enrollment and Class Schedule on the next tab of this website for dates and times.  

You can also call us at 816-231-2700.  To enroll in class at Don Bosco, you need to make an appointment over the phone. 


PHONE NUMBER: 816-231-2700