2019-2020 Important Dates

Kids' Safari K-5 and Kids' Safari at Latitude will be open on the following dates for the 2019-2020 school year and operate at the full day, combined site locations. All families are asked to sign up in advance for these days to ensure adequate staffing for each age group.

Kids' Safari Pre K is not open on Non-School, Snow Days, or other School Closure dates.  

Non-School Date Kids' Safari/Latitude Sign Up Cut Off Date
September 2 Closed N/A
September 27 Open September 12
October 18 Open October 3
November 5 Open October 22
November 27-29 Closed N/A
December 23-31 Closed N/A
January 1 Closed N/A
January 2-3 Open December 6
January 20 Closed N/A
February 17 Closed N/A
March 6 Open February 20
March 20 Closed N/A
March 23-27 Open March 5
April 9 Open March 19
April 10 Closed N/A
May 18-22 TBA TBA
May 25 Closed N/A
May 26-29 TBA TBA