Thomas Hart Benton Elementary School

Mission Statement

The staff at Thomas Hart Benton Elementary School envisions a child's education to be a cooperative responsibility involving the student, family, staff, and community - working together to create an environment in which decisions are based on "what is best for student learning."

Vision Statement

Thomas Hart Benton Elementary School will be a caring learning community where all members are valued as individuals and supported in their personal growth and development. In order to accomplish this, Benton will:

  • Provide quality instruction that effectively meets the needs of diverse learners and reflects current knowledge of best teaching, learning, and assessment practices.
  • Build positive, trusting relationships among all members of the Benton community.
  • Engage students, families, and staff in the educational process.
  • Establish a safe, caring, and supportive community where respect, responsibility, kindness, and honesty are consistently valued and practiced.
  • Foster ongoing growth through reflection, risk-taking, and goal-setting.
Thomas Hart Benton Elementary School

Thomas Hart Benton Elementary

429 S. Leslie
Independence, MO 64050

Phone: 816.521.5390
Fax: 816.521.5634



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School Times

Start: 7:35am

Dismiss: 2:15pm

About Benton Elementary

The original Benton school was built in 1903 and named for Thomas Hart Benton, a famous Missouri senator. The current building was opened in 1952, with a large addition in 1964. The media and early childhood learning centers opened in the spring of 2000, following the passage of a 1998 bond issue. Air Conditioning was installed in the summer of 2000.


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