Meet Our 2017-18 "Fans of Dr. Bob"

1st MidAmerica Credit Union

Blake Roberson State Farm Insurance

East Alton Community of Christ

Eastern Independence Rotary Club

First Federal Bank

Grace Christian Church

Graceland University

Great Plains SPCA

Metropolitan Com College - Blue River

South Crysler Community of Christ

Stewardship Capital

Ted's Trash Service

Three Trails Animal Hospital

Trinity Church of the Nazarene



Students Recognized for Cooperation in February!





Glendale- Isiah Johnson


Little Blue

Luff - Teagan Macht


Mill Creek

Ott - Diego Ayala-Diaz


Randall- Jonathan Sotelo-Ruiz

Santa Fe Trail- Lily Peel

Spring Branch

William Southern

Sugar Creek

  "R"- Drake Yimenez
       "O"- Ximena Gonzales
"A"- Rose Ekberg
                   "R"- Mason Lockwood           

Three Trails - Chase Rogers


Sunshine Center - Camlila Razo

Independence Academy
Elementary:  Gabriel Mariano
Middle: Keegan Phillips
High:  Gabe Jordan

Bridger - Justina Castro



Pioneer Ridge- Rodney Barlow


William Chrisman

Van Horn


Traits of the Month

January:  RESPECT – to show consideration to self and others

February:  COOPERATION – to respectfully play and work with others

March:  INITIATIVE – to act and make decisions on your own

April:  PERSEVERANCE – to continue trying in spite of difficulties

May:  SELF-CONTROL – to express your feelings in an appropriate manner

June:  COURAGE – to remain strong when faced with difficulty

July:  LOYALTY – to be faithful to a person, a team or an idea

August:  AMBITION – to have strong determination to accomplish goals

September:  RESPONSIBILITY – to be accountable for your actions

October:  INTEGRITY – to do the right thing

November:  CITIZENSHIP – to be a productive and responsible resident

December:  COMPASSION – to understand the challenges of others and to want to do something about it


Student Honors and School News Appears Monthly!


ISD Schools Celebrate Cooperation in February!

Benton Elementary Our community partner, Centerpoint, hosted Benton 5th graders for their annual heart healthy field trip. They provide a variety of hands on activities that showcase job options in the healthcare profession. During our monthly Celebration assembly, we recognized character students and writers of the month from each classroom. Centerpoint was on hand to reward students with perfect attendance for the month.

Glendale Elementary We continue to honor our students and staff of character by displaying their photos and nominations on the front hallway bulletin board. The Student Council has presented a Reading Nook to the school. Primary grade students are encouraging the elementary students to persevere during their testing. MAP awards were given out during an assembly, where family members were invited to attend.   Staff Honoree: Melody Rust

Little Blue Elementary We continue to honor our students of Character through SHARK Awards given monthly. Little Blue is looking forward to honoring our 5th Grade Class as the first class to complete Kindergarten through Fifth Grade since the building was built. 
Staff Honoree: Lisa Mohr

Luff Elementary Students in the garden club enjoyed a visit from a few KC Chiefs football players that helped them with their garden by watering it, pulling weeds, etc. Students are growing potatoes, lettuce, and other vegetables. Students were also recognized at MAP Awards assembly. Those who scored advanced or proficient in the 2016-17 were awarded a medal. Congratulations!    Staff Honoree: Melissa Bledsoe

Mallinson Elementary  Students celebrated outstanding behavior and academic performance at our awards night. Students who earned Cardinal of Characters Awards for being safe, respectful and responsible were recognized at our Awards Night. Students who scored advanced or proficient on the 16-17 MAP test were honored with medals. What a great night to recognize Cardinal achievement! 

Ott Elementary We had a Harvesters' Take Your Can To School Day take place on Wednesday, April 11th. Our school was excited to participate in this years Take Your Can To School Day to fight hunger and help local kids. Harvesters brought in two huge barrels and students were challenged to fill both barrels in just ONE day! Students were asked to bring in just one can or one nonperishable food item. The students went above and beyond and were able to fill both barrels, in fact they were over flowing with donated items! With the help of food drives like this, Harvesters' network is able to serve more than 141,500 people each month, 25% being kids. Way to go Bear Cubs! Staff Honoree: Rebecca Wadle

Procter Elementary  Our student body is working together to build an Inspirational Rock Garden on the west side of our school. Each student is painting a rock with kind and inspiring words. This ties in very closely with our character education activities along with our Trauma Sensitive School's mindfulness practices. Our 5th grade students are gearing up for their D.A.R.E. Anti-Drug Program Graduation. Each student is preparing a speech for this event. Our 4th and 5th graders are preparing their projects for Genius Hour in which staff, students, and family are invited.Staff Honoree: Cindy Cretel

Ranall Elementary  This month Randall had a MAP Kick-Off Assembly to encourage students to be excited about the MAP test. 5th graders shared their previous experiences and how they prepared for the test. Mr. Anthony Butler, motivational speaker, came to speak to students about giving their Maximum Effort on the MAP test. Students ended the assembly by doing the "MAP Cha Cha Slide". Staff Honoree: Samantha Williams 

Santa Fe Trail Elementary  We held our annual MAP awards assembly earlier in the month. Students who had achieved proficient or advanced in the previous year's MAP assessment were honored with a medal. During the assembly we also took the time to prepare students for this year's assessment by reminding them of the skills they've learned all year. Also, students raised money for Jump Rope for Heart. This year we surpassed our initial goal and ended up raising $2,000! Some students have joined the "earn a bike" program after school. They are participating once a week to learn skills and responsibility, and will be able to take a bike home at the completion of the program. Staff Honoree: Angela Ordean

Sycamore Elementary Our Quarterly assembly went well, recognizing our students who ROAR. There was a flashback in time with a slideshow of staff when they were kids and a special performance from the teachers doing the electric slide. The students earned the dance from raising over $1000 back in December for the Holiday Helper Change Challenge.
Staff Honoree: "R"- Julie Torpey  "O"- Haley Harkins "A"- Ellen Klausen "R"- Holly Ellis

Three Trails Elementary   Staff Honoree: Kailey Halsey

Sunshine Center Staff Honoree: LaKesha Wooten

Independence Academy  We are continuing the traditional character plus traits this year but integrating them with PBIS. Our school wide acronyms are SOAR, which stand for Safe, On time and on task, Accountable, and Respectful. Since our school mascot is a dragon, we are teaching our students to "soar" like a dragon when faced with difficulty and adversity! Our goal is to teach our students character and strategies that will help them not only to succeed in the short term but that they will carry with them to "soar" to achieve success in the future! 
Staff Honoree: Meghan Mahoney

Bridger Middle School  Staff Honoree: Angy Hill

Pioneer Middle School  Staff Honoree: Kim Wilson



What is CHARACTERplus?

CHARACTERplus is a program adopted by the Independence School District in 2008. The purpose of CHARACTERplus is to emphasize positive character traits in all areas of a student's life.

In 2008, parents, community members, teachers and counselors gathered together to determine "traits of the month" that they believe reinforce the positive character traits already being taught in many homes.

The traits are blended into the curriculum, extracurricular activities, and are displayed throughout the community. The Independence School District believes that modeling character traits may be the most effective way of passing them on to students. Studies in schools with similar programs have noted significant positive changes in office referrals, parent relations and school leadership.


The Many Ways Character is Developed

Character is developed every day through our interactions and choices.  Schools within the Independence School District use a wide variety of activities, recognitions, and partnerships as part of comprehensive efforts to support POSITIVE CHARACTER, STUDENT LEADERSHIP, and SERVICE LEARNING. Two of our schools chose to pursue formal recognition for their character development efforts.  

Congratulations to Christian Ott Elementary and William Chrisman High School!  

Both hold National School of Character and Missouri School of Character designation!


How Can I Support CHARACTERplus?

It is easy to sign up as a supporter of CHARACTERplus. You will receive monthly trait signs that you can print out and put in your home or business, get updates on CHARACTERplus in the schools and in the community, and get a copy of the Student of Character logo to print out on your stationery or business correspondence, or set as your screen saver. In addition, parents should feel free to contact their school to see how they can help support CHARACTERplus. If you are a business or organization wanting to display a banner or sponsor a school as a Fan of Dr. Bob, contact the Elementary Education Office (816-521-5300  x10008).


Business, Faith, and Civic Organizations

YOU can Become a Fan of Dr. Bob

Are you a community member, business leader, or an organization that wants to help create a Community of Character? It's easy! You can donate your time, services or dollars to support CHARACTERplus in our schools. CHARACTERplus teaches students of all ages how to be good community members by promoting character in all facets of life!


Community Member of Character Award

Do you know someone in the community who deserves to win the Dr. Bob Community Member of Character Award?

The nominee must live or work in Independence but cannot work for the school district.

You can nominate a community member by contacting the Elementary Education office (816) 521-5300  x10008.