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1st MidAmerica Credit Union

Blake Roberson State Farm Insurance

East Alton Community of Christ

Eastern Independence Rotary Club

First Federal Bank

Grace Christian Church

Graceland University

Great Plains SPCA

Metropolitan Com College - Blue River

South Crysler Community of Christ

Stewardship Capital

Ted's Trash Service

Three Trails Animal Hospital

Trinity Church of the Nazarene



Students Recognized for Cooperation in February!




Fairmount -Edith Esparza de La Rosa 



Little Blue - Charlotte Saak

Luff - Kay Lee Sanchez


Mill Creek

Ott - Miranda Martinez

Procter- Jack Heinrichs

Randall - Brianna Washington

Santa Fe Trail 

Spring Branch

William Southern

Sugar Creek


Three Trails - Evelyn Chavira


Sunshine Center -MaryJane Bartkoski

Independence Academy
Elementary:  Aidan Henson
Middle: Joshwa Pearman
High:  Kourtney Lee




Pioneer Ridge- Kelson Sutton


William Chrisman

Van Horn - Tyrone Thornton


Traits of the Month

January:  RESPECT – to show consideration to self and others

February:  COOPERATION – to respectfully play and work with others

March:  INITIATIVE – to act and make decisions on your own

April:  PERSEVERANCE – to continue trying in spite of difficulties

May:  SELF-CONTROL – to express your feelings in an appropriate manner

June:  COURAGE – to remain strong when faced with difficulty

July:  LOYALTY – to be faithful to a person, a team or an idea

August:  AMBITION – to have strong determination to accomplish goals

September:  RESPONSIBILITY – to be accountable for your actions

October:  INTEGRITY – to do the right thing

November:  CITIZENSHIP – to be a productive and responsible resident

December:  COMPASSION – to understand the challenges of others and to want to do something about it


Student Honors and School News Appears Monthly!


ISD Schools Celebrate Cooperation in February!

Benton Elementary Students worked to spread kindness and cheer to those outside of our building. Students created another batch of get well cards to share with patients in the Centerpoint Cardiac Unit and The Cancer Center. Students were excited to hear thank yous back from patients both last year and this year who were grateful to receive a card during their treatment and to know that someone cares. In our monthly assembly, we celebrated a student of character from each classroom, along with a writer of the month and students with perfect attendance.

Fairmount Elementary working hard Celebrating Kindness. Students from the building as well as staff have been catching people who are kind and have done kind things and adding them to the chain. Think First came to our school to share stories and the message of the importance of Safety (seat belts and helmets).  
Staff Honoree: ToniLynn Jones

Glendale Elementary  Staff Honoree: Connie Durrell

Little Blue Elementary We celebrated Kindness Week in several ways. The week started with a special video the school created called Ride the Shark Wave of Kindness. Each class contributed to creating their own unique Shark Wave and support staff added to it with their favorite Kindness Quote. Little Blue also had a Kindness Spirit Week with a fun thing to wear and an act of Kindness to match each day. We also held a book drive for Children's Mercy, each book will have a personal note in it from a LB Shark. We will also kicked off a fun attendance challenge called the Attendance Olympics, where each month a class will earn a Gold, Silver, or Bronze medal to show of at school for their class having the highest attendance percentage. 
Staff Honoree: Jhon Branch

Luff Elementary  Staff Honoree: Ceanne Garnett

Mallinson Elementary  Held a Someone Special Dance hosted by the PTA. Students had the opportunity to invite a special grown up in their life to a dance and spaghetti dinner. Everyone had such a fun time dancing and having fun with their friends and family. The Missouri Mavericks came and gave an all-school assembly on character, and recognized one student for his respectful behavior.

Mill Creek Elementary Students collected supplies to put together blessing bags for those in need. These bags included gloves, toothbrushes, toothpaste, snacks, and other essential items. 150 bags were made.  They will be passed out by our student council members during the community dinner at Stone Church.

Ott Elementary Students are Blooming with Kindness! We kicked off our Kindness Week by having all students fill out a Kindness Bingo card. On the bingo card, there were several random acts of kindness students could attempt to do at school or even at home. Once students completed their Kindness Bingo card they could trace, cut, and decorate a picture of their hand to hang on our kindness tree. Our school goal was to fill up our Leadership Tree in our front hallway with decorated hands made by the students. We challenged students and staff to try to complete as many Kindness Bingo cards as they could and to see how many could complete the most acts of kindness. We were thrilled to see so many students participating and our Leadership Tree blooming with kindness, great job Bear Cubs!  
Staff Honoree: Natalie Long

Procter Elementary Student Council is busying working on an Anti-Bullying Project that will include web pages, posters, skits, and public service announcements. Students are continuing the "Caught Being Kind" Bulletin Board by showing acts of kindness and posting paper fish honoring the acts of those students.
Staff Honoree: Elizabeth Eyde

Randall Elementary Students celebrated Kindness Week with the theme "We are all Wonders". Students read the picture book We are all Wonders and created a kindness poster identifying what makes themselves and other students special. We also celebrated Kindness Week by having an all school spirit week. 2nd-5th grade students watched the movie Wonder at the end of the week. Students spread kindness by donating bottles of liquid laundry detergent to Community Service League (Hawthorne). Families will be able to go pick up laundry detergent from Community Service League as needed. This all school fundraiser was in response to the Community Service League listening session that took place Oct. 17th.   Staff Honoree: Jillian Brownell

Santa Fe Trail Elementary  This month the students enjoyed practicing cooperation during their monthly counselor lesson by playing games and discussing the keys to successful cooperation. The student council promoted kindness by starting our day with a kind thought, classroom activities and the staff handed out kindness fish for when they caught a student being kind! The students turned the fish into the office for display. And we are wrapping up February celebrating Dr. Suess! There is a whole week planned of special days and activities.Staff Honoree: Krystle Roark

Sycamore Elementary Sycamore enjoyed participating in Kindness Week this month. The kids celebrated a spirit week with fun themes and random acts of kindness. The school also worked with Truman ROTC to collect hygiene items for Veterans in residential care. Sycamore students celebrated with friendship parties on Valentines day and wrapped the week up with the "Happily Ever After," school dance.

Three Trails Elementary This month our 3rd grade Tigers displayed how hard they worked as they performed their "Hats" musical for our staff and students during their school day and did an incredible job in the evening as they showed their TIGER PRIDE during their performance for parents. We also hosted a Math Night for families and students. We had a great turn out as students were able to show what they have learned as as they played math games with their parents.  Staff Honoree: Avanti McDowell

Sunshine Center Early Education  Staff Honoree: Jen Rice

Independence Academy  We are continuing the traditional character plus traits this year but integrating them with PBIS. Our school wide acronyms are SOAR, which stand for Safe, On time and on task, Accountable, and Respectful. Since our school mascot is a dragon, we are teaching our students to "soar" like a dragon when faced with difficulty and adversity! Our goal is to teach our students character and strategies that will help them not only to succeed in the short term but that they will carry with them to "soar" to achieve success in the future! 
Staff Honoree: Mr. Etheridge

Nowlin Middle School  The Month of February kicks off our primary level of our 3 level character plan. First level: to provide a more positive climate for both staff and students. We have created a "Pawsitive Club" and began the " I am Loved" project.  Students and staff can receive a compliment along with a button that reads   "I am Loved"

Pioneer Ridge  Staff Honoree:  Jami Pelzi

Van Horn  Staff Honoree:  Lisa Hickman


What is CHARACTERplus?

CHARACTERplus is a program adopted by the Independence School District in 2008. The purpose of CHARACTERplus is to emphasize positive character traits in all areas of a student's life.

In 2008, parents, community members, teachers and counselors gathered together to determine "traits of the month" that they believe reinforce the positive character traits already being taught in many homes.

The traits are blended into the curriculum, extracurricular activities, and are displayed throughout the community. The Independence School District believes that modeling character traits may be the most effective way of passing them on to students. Studies in schools with similar programs have noted significant positive changes in office referrals, parent relations and school leadership.


The Many Ways Character is Developed

Character is developed every day through our interactions and choices.  Schools within the Independence School District use a wide variety of activities, recognitions, and partnerships as part of comprehensive efforts to support POSITIVE CHARACTER, STUDENT LEADERSHIP, and SERVICE LEARNING. Two of our schools chose to pursue formal recognition for their character development efforts.  

Congratulations to Christian Ott Elementary and William Chrisman High School!  

Both hold National School of Character and Missouri School of Character designation!


How Can I Support CHARACTERplus?

It is easy to sign up as a supporter of CHARACTERplus. You will receive monthly trait signs that you can print out and put in your home or business, get updates on CHARACTERplus in the schools and in the community, and get a copy of the Student of Character logo to print out on your stationery or business correspondence, or set as your screen saver. In addition, parents should feel free to contact their school to see how they can help support CHARACTERplus. If you are a business or organization wanting to display a banner or sponsor a school as a Fan of Dr. Bob, contact the Elementary Education Office (816-521-5300  x10008).


Business, Faith, and Civic Organizations

YOU can Become a Fan of Dr. Bob

Are you a community member, business leader, or an organization that wants to help create a Community of Character? It's easy! You can donate your time, services or dollars to support CHARACTERplus in our schools. CHARACTERplus teaches students of all ages how to be good community members by promoting character in all facets of life!


Community Member of Character Award

Do you know someone in the community who deserves to win the Dr. Bob Community Member of Character Award?

The nominee must live or work in Independence but cannot work for the school district.

You can nominate a community member by contacting the Elementary Education office (816) 521-5300  x10008.