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Welcome to my personal Independence School District webpage dedicated to my projects and current work.  Here you'll find examples of system management and automation that I handle every day. Please feel free to spool through the pages to learn more about what I do here at the Independence School District.

This Month in the Technology Department (Updated 9/10)

These are tasks I am directly assigned to. This is not a reflection of all work being done throughout the department. There are many projects Network Operations and Data Services are continually working on.

  • VMware - Over the coming months we'll be focusing a lot of attention on Virtual Server. We'll be migrating many of our physical servers to virtual servers. This reduces power costs, hardware costs, labor, and management tasks.
  • SCCM Distribution Points - We are deploying more and more distribution points to site locations. This will give teachers faster and more reliable access to software in the Application Catalog as well as decrease the time it takes for technicians to reimage computers and labs.
  • Chromebooks - The techs are working hard to get our new Toshiba Chromebooks out to the schools.
  • RODCs - We'll be deploying RODCs to many of the larger schools which should help reduce login times by caching credentials as well as group policy objects locally at the site.
Application Projects

‚Äč‚ÄčThese are projects I'm working on or have completed.

  • PSchool2ADirectory - This application handles the synchronization of students from our Student Information System (PowerSchool) to our Directory Service (Active Directory).
  • ISD Users Form - This application simplifies the process of creating new user accounts for our Directory Service; Active Directory.
  • ISD Technology Help Tool - This tool was created to ease the burden of tedious tasks encountered by our Help Desk and Computer Technicians.
  • Student Password Reset Utility - This utility was created for our Library Media Specialists to simplify the process of resetting a student's password.
  • Lab Printer Installer - This tool helps technicians install printers on a large scale without have to deal with Active Directory.
  • Stale AD Computers - This utility searches Active Directory for machines that haven't been used in a specified amount of time.

Jake Albarelli

Jake Albarelli
Microsoft Systems and Automation Specialist

Email: jake.albarelli@isdschools.org
Phone: 816-521-5321 ext 13028
Office: 201 N. Forest Ave.
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