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Car Riders & Walkers:  PLEASE NOTE VERY HELPFUL AND IMPORTANT PROCEDURAL CHANGES IN OUR CAR RIDER DROP OFF AND END OF THE DAY DISMISSAL PROCESS.   In an effort to help reduce the traffic on Hardy Avenue in our car rider line, we have reversed the direction of the line (see map above).  All car rider traffic will enter the north drive on the hill from Hardy, going up the hill (stay to the right is this is two way traffic on the hill drive).  Once you enter the parking lot area, it will become two lane (same/one direction) traffic towards the school to pick up or drop off children.  We will use the northeast gym door as in the past.  Cars will continue two lane until you exit the campus near the front circle drive onto Hardy.  PLEASE NOTE:  The front circle drive on Hardy will be closed from 3:30-4:15 daily to avoid traffic and safety concerns.  All students who leave campus in a car will be expected to be picked up in the car rider lane only.  Only those students who are walkers and actually walk off campus will be considered walkers.  If you need to pick up a student between 3:30-4:15 you will need to use the car rider direction and park in the north lot to enter the building to check out a student if needed during those times.


Our Vision Statement:

We are a school and community working together, encouraging all students to reach their full potential.

 Back to School and Curriculum Night 

 Back to School & Curriculum Night
Thursday, August 27, 2015

5:30-6:00 pm  Let your children be your guides!  Children and Parents visit their classroom and tour the school.

6:00-6:30 pm Be our guests!  Dinner in our Cafeteria - Meal is generously provided by our PTA.  Updates from PTA, Title I, and Principals

6:35-6:45 pm Session 1 – Parents meet with teachers by grade level to find out more about what your children are learning this quarter.

6:50-7:00 pm Session 2 (Same as above for parents who have multiple children at Korte)

7:00 pm Thank you for being with us! 


Welcome to Korte Elementary! We are proud of the work we do with our students, families and community. We invite you to be a part of Korte Elementary by visiting our website and related links regularly for updated information.

Korte Elementary School


Korte Elementary School 
2437 S Hardy • Independence, MO • 64052
Start 9:00am  Dismiss 3:54pm
Phone; 816.521.5430
Fax: 816.521.5641

Korte's Administrative Staff

Korte is a proud participant in the district’s character education program, CHARACTERplus, a program which emphasizes positive character traits in all areas of a student’s life.

August:  AMBITION – to have strong determination to accomplish goals

September:  RESPONSIBILITY – to be accountable for your actions

October:  INTEGRITY – to do the right thing

November:  CITIZENSHIP – to be a productive and responsible resident

December:  COMPASSION – to understand the challenges of others and to want to do something about it

January:  RESPECT – to show consideration to self and others

February:  COOPERATION – to respectfully play and work with others

March:  INITIATIVE – to act and make decisions on your own

April:  PERSEVERANCE – to continue trying in spite of difficulties

May:  SELF-CONTROL – to express your feelings in an appropriate manner

June:  COURAGE – to remain strong when faced with difficulty

July:  LOYALTY – to be faithful to a person, a team or an idea