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The ISD Tech Department in partnership with the Curriculum Department has been implementing Google Chromebooks, iPads, HP Laptops & Desktops in our ISD schools.  We have a strong district presence on Twitter using hashtag - #ISDstrong where we share our story!


We are currently purchasing Dell Chromebooks.  We have over 6500 Toshiba’s in circulation.  We also have roughly 6000 Dell Chromebooks.   

We use a cart model in elementary and middle school, depending on the size of the elementary or middle school, they may have anywhere from 3 carts to 12 carts in their building.

In the High Schools we approached it by content level starting with English in 2014-2015.  Math in 2015-2016 with plans for Social Studies in 2016-2017.

Chromebooks have been used successfully with State testing and other online assessments.

We have over 1000 iPads in the district.  Mostly administrators and teachers use them.  We do have some buildings (mostly elementary) that have bought carts of iPads.

All of our certified staff all have HP laptops.


We have an Access Point in every classroom in the district.

We have a Public Wifi available for anyone in our buildings.  

We use Bluebird for our internet service and have a 2 Gig connection  

We have a Smartboard in every classroom.  Most recently though, in some classroom remodels in the high schools we have been installing interactive projectors

We are a Google Apps for Education (GAFE) school district


Contact Sage Arnote or Becky Herl to learn more about PD opportunities in #ISDstrong




Technology Mission Statement

By providing a technology rich environment where technology is infused into teaching and learning processes, students will achieve the skill and self-confidence to be successful in an ever-changing world.

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