Student Acceptable Use Policy

Computer (including handhelds and peripherals), network, and Internet access is a privilege available to students in the Independence School District. Our goal in providing this service is to promote educational excellence by facilitating resource sharing, innovation, and communication. These guidelines are provided so that students are aware of the responsibilities required to use this technology. Please read this document carefully and sign at the bottom. Computer use at school may be revoked if a student does not adhere to the guidelines below. Students using Ipods/Ipads or other special equipment may receive an additional policy form as well.


  1. Acceptable Use: My use of computers, the Internet, and the school network must be in support of education and research within the educational goals and objectives of the Independence School District. Transmission of any material in violation of any U.S., state, or school regulations are prohibited. This includes copyrighted material, threatening or obscene material, or material restricted by school policy or staff. The school network includes the use of school computers (including handhelds), and computer peripherals, as well as the use of school network services such as the Internet, school e-mail / web services accounts, and network file folders. Students should have no expectation of computer privacy, as the school may monitor computer, e-mail, and Internet use.
  2. Personal Responsibility: As a member of my school community, I will accept responsibility for proper use of school technology and for reporting any misuse of technology. My use of school technology will meet the guidelines below:
    • I will respect the privacy and dignity of students and teachers at all times. I will not use, copy, or delete another user’s files, folders, or passwords.
    • I will keep my own passwords private and I will not share passwords with a friend.
    • I will use appropriate language by refraining from the use of profanity or insulting language. Offensive messages that originate outside of school (instant messages, texting, social networking sites, video, etc...), but disrupt the school’s educational process may be subject to school consequences.
    • I will respect school equipment, including an absence of vandalism or computer viruses. I will refrain from adding software programs.
  3. Internet Safety: the Internet provides opportunities to access new resources, but it also provides unique risks to students. Independence School District provides filtered access to the Internet on nearly all school computers, but to ensure my safety on the Internet, I will follow the guidelines below:
    • I will not give out on the Internet personal information such as my full name, phone number, or address.
    • I will not give out on the Internet personal information about someone else such as his or her name, phone number, or address.
    • I will not correspond or meet with someone through the Internet without the pre-approval of a teacher.
    • I will only access or download sites appropriate for school classes or activities.
    • I will immediately report any technology use that makes me uncomfortable or violates school policies.
  4. E-Mail / Communication Safety: E-mail and other online communication services provide opportunities for students, but they require careful use. I will follow the guidelines below when using school computers/accounts:
    • I will only use an e-mail account at school with the prior permission of a teacher and will get permission from a teacher each time I use e-mail at school. Instant messaging and chat rooms are prohibited.
    • I will adhere to all of the aforementioned guidelines in this Acceptable Use Policy when using a school provided e-mail account or other school provided computer service at school or another location. Independence School District may filter or monitor school provided student e-mail accounts or other school provided computer services regardless of whether the account is accessed from school or another location.

I understand and agree to the provisions and conditions of this contract.