Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

Arrival and Dismissal Information

Car Riders

For families utilzing the front parking lot, please allow buses to unload/load students first before utilizing the car rider line. Buses arrive Tuesday- Friday at 8:50AM, 12:00PM, 12:45PM, and 4:00PM. Families should not walk into buses nor block the buses from entering/leaving. All families will be given a car rider card on the first day of school to fill out your child's name and teacher's name. Please keep this card in the car as it will be required to pick up your child.


Please follow the traffic patterns on the map provided or staff direction outside. Please stop to allow all students to be unloaded before exiting. You will receive a yellow car rider tag on the first day that will be required to pick your child up.


Please utilize the same parking lot and traffic patterns as arrival. You will need the yellow car rider tag to visible so we can ensure your child gets to you. You are responsible for securing your child in the car seat. 

Bus Riders

Students who ride a school bus to and from school will be required to have a parent/guardian/adult at the bus stop. This person must have a bus card and show it to the driver.  If the person at the bus stop does not have the bus card, the child will be returned to Hanthorn. It will then be the responsibility of the parent to pick the child up at Hanthorn in a timely manner

Late Arrivals

If your child is arriving after 9:15AM, please utilize the front entrance for dropoff. Please call the school as you arrive and we will send someone out to help your child to their classroom. 

Front Parking Lot Arrival And Dismissal
Back Parking Lot Arrival And Dismissal