General Information

The Program of Studies provides secondary students with information about available courses and graduation requirements.  The purpose is to assist students in planning their four-year high school program.  Students are encouraged to discuss their schedules with parents, counselors and teachers in order to make appropriate plans for graduation, college and/or occupational choices.

  • To effectively plan, students should:
  • Review graduation requirements
  • Read each course description
  • Use the enclosed planning sheet for mapping your schedule.



If students have a valid reason to request a course change, this should be done between the time schedules are picked up and before the start of school.  The first few days of school, the counselors will not schedule appointments with students unless it is for a new enrollment or if it concerns changes needed to meet graduation requirements.  Very few course changes will be made once school begins.  The only course changes considered after school begins are:

  • Changes needed to meet graduation requirements
  • Errors in scheduling
  • Classes failed the previous semester

During the first few days of school, the counseling staff will be concentrating on new student enrollment, senior student graduation schedule changes, and obvious errors generated by the scheduling process.



Special education programs are offered at all high schools.  To participate, students must be tested for eligibility and placement. Upon completion of these steps, an Individual Education Plan (IEP) will be established to meet each student’s needs.



Students wanting to participate in interscholastic activities must maintain minimum grade levels.  During each semester they participate, students must be enrolled in and attending classes in which they can earn 3.5 credits during the school day (8 classes at 0.5). During the previous semester students must have passed at least 3.5 credits to be eligible.*  Summer school courses may count toward maintaining academic eligibility. Activities included in this requirement are interscholastic sports and any activity regulated by the Missouri State High School Activities Association.