Teaching Fellowship Program



The Program

The Independence School District partners with Northwest Missouri State University to offer a unique fellowship opportunity for new teachers. Participants complete their first year of teaching in the ISD while obtaining their Master’s of Science in Education in Curriculum and Instruction. The ISD has hosted more than 130 Fellows at 13 elementary, four middle and two high schools since 1997. The master's degree in curriculum and instruction consists of 30 credit hours taken over four trimesters: 

Summer - 2 Courses
Fall - 3 Courses
Spring - 3 Courses
Summer - 2 Courses

Classes are held at the Independence School District Central Office located at 201 N. Forest Avenue. 


For Questions, Please Contact:

Valerie Craig: Valerie_Craig@isdschools.org
Carol Thompson-Lewis: Carol_ThompsonLewis@isdschools.org