General Information: Grades and Credits


A student graduates from the Independence School District, when he/she earns all require credits in all the required areas of concentration.  A credit is earned by successfully passing a course during the regular school day, during the District's summer school, through approved correspondence programs, and thorugh approved virtual instruction programs.

Students who voluntarily withdraw from a class after the first twenty (20) attendance days of each semester will receive an "F" in the class for the semester.  Exceptions may be allowed by the principal or his/her designee.

Credit is not awarded for academic lab or study halls.

Credit Types

All courses offered in the ISD fall under a credit type.  Credit types are used to ensure that all graduation requirements are met.  Below are the various credit types and the abbreviations used for each.

Credit Type Abbreviation
English ENG
Mathematics MTH
Science SCI
Social Studies SOC
Health HLT
Physical Education PE
Practical Arts PAR
Fine Arts FAR
Personal Finance FIN
Electives ELE


Grade Point Average (GPA) and Class Rank

Grade Points Awarded
Grade Unweighted Dual Credit/AP Honors/PLTW
A 4 5 4.5
B 3 4 3.5
C 2 3 2.5
D 1 2 1.5
F 0 0 0


Grade points are awarded based on the table at the end of this section.  These grade points are used in computing a GPA.   Over the course of the high school career, all semester GPAs are combined to comprise the cumulative GPA.  However, class rank is based on total accumulated grade points, not GPA.

Students who take a full schedule all four years, and include as many weighted courses as possible (make sure these weighted course choices are educationally sound and earn more grade points than students who take fewer weighted courses or who take a partial schedule during the senior year.  Any coursework taken above or beyond the normal course load per school day will count toward credit for graduation, but not toward GPA.

Weighted courses are available in selected subject areas. They carry an additional grade point value and some offer college credit as well, due to the nature of the class. Weighted courses are determined according to the following criteria:

  • Advanced Placement (AP - note: only if the AP assessment is completed during the course) and/or Pre-AP 
  • Project Lead the Way courses
  • College Credit courses

Courses taken in Advanced Placement, Project Lead the Way, or college credit formats will receive added grade points in the grading system ONLY if the students take the AP exam, successfully complete a PLTW course, or earn college credit at the end of the coursework. Students enrolled in Honors or Project Lead the Way (PLTW) courses will receive a weighted value of .50 on a 4.0 scale. Students enrolled in AP or college credit courses will receive a weighted value of 1.0 on a 4.0 scale.


Additional Considerations Regarding Graduation
Summer School: Course credit(s) earned in summer school or night school may be counted toward the high school graduation requirements if the courses meet Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary
Education standards and regulations. Summer school grades do not influence class rank.

Credit Recovery Options: Credit recovery provides an opportunity for high school students who fail a course to complete the requirements of the class. Once the student demonstrates mastery of the course requirements, the student shall receive credit for the course. Grades earned through credit recovery options such as night school and FuelEd will not impact a student's class rank unless these courses are taken in the building during the regular school day.

Correspondence Credit: A maximum of two (2) units of correspondence credit from accredited colleges and universities may be counted toward the high school graduation requirements. Students desiring to use correspondence credit to meet graduation requirements shall obtain prior approval of the principal or his/her designee.

Virtual Instruction Program: The District will utilize FuelEd as an electronic classroom tool. District staff members will assign a grade and course credit depending upon the percentage of work satisfactorily completed for each class. District staff members will assign a grade and course credit depending upon the percentage of work satisfactorily completed for each class.

Special Education: Exceptions to the above graduation requirements may be made for students enrolled in special education classes. In making these exceptions, the instructional and administrative staffs will be guided by each student's ability to perform. Specific courses may be required of a special education student when it is determined to be in the best interest of the student. The Individual Educational Plan (IEP) may determine the appropriate educational program leading to the awarding of a diploma, as well as exemption from class rank .

In awarding credit and assigning grades, the District will apply the same standards for grade assignment and credit award as are applied to courses completed in the District's traditional curriculum. Credit toward meeting District graduation requirements will be awarded for FuelEd courses provided the work completed meets the academic standards required in the District's traditional education program.