General Information: Incoming Freshman Overview

Preparing for your first year of high school can be both exciting and a bit scary at the same time.  From learning a new school culture to entering a world of Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors - the Freshman Year presents many challenges.  The information on this page will help give you a picture of what your freshman year will be like along with some frequently asked questions asked by many incoming freshmen.

Freshman Year Schedule

Your freshman year will consist of eight (8) courses - some that you are assigned and others that you get to pick.  All incoming freshmen will take courses in English/Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies along with the Freshmen Academy course.

Core subject courses are determined based on available assessment data as well as recommendations from your middle school teachers.  Below are the core subject courses available to freshmen.

English/Language Arts Mathematics Social Studies Science

English I

Honors English I

Algebra I

Honors Geometry

World Geography

Honors Geography

General Biology

Honors Biology


Most freshmen also take Health and a Physical Education (PE) course, which are required for graduation.  Health & PE courses open to freshmen are:

  • Health
  • Personal Fitness & Wellness
  • Team Sports
  • Strength Training and Conditioning

The remaining credits in a freshman course schedule are open for freshmen to choose.  The only exception is if a freshmen is recommended to be in other courses that are considered important for continued academic success such as Essential Literacy or Essential Math.

Here is a sample schedule for both semesters of what a typical freshman schedule can look like:

1st Semester 2nd Semester
English I English I
Algebra I Algebra I
General Biology General Biology
Freshmen Academy Freshmen Academy
World Geography Personal Fitness & Wellness
Health Elective
Elective Elective
Elective Elective


Elective Options open to Freshmen

Below is a list of semster and full year courses that freshmen can request.

Arts and Education Courses‚Äč

  • Professions in Education (0.5 credit)
  • Introduction to Theatre Design & Production (0.5 credit)

Business Academy Courses

  • Introduction to Business (0.5 credit)
  • Introduction to Hospitality & Culinary (0.5 credit)
  • Introduction to Visual Arts (0.5 credit)

Industrial Technology Academy Courses

  • Introduction to Engineering Design (1 credit)
  • General Metals (1 credit)
  • Foundation of Woods (1 credit)
  • Introduction to Visual Arts (0.5 credit)

Public Services Academy Courses

  • Competitive Debate I (1 credit)
  • Introduction to Public Services (0.5 credit)
  • JROTC Leadership Development I (1 credit)

STEM Academy Courses

  • Information Management Fundamentals (0.5 credit)
  • Introduction to Engineering Design (1 credit)
  • Introduction to Computer Science (PLTW) (0.5 credit)
  • Principles of Biomedical Science (1 credit)
  • Introduction to Health Services (0.5 credit)

Global Courses

  • Acting I (0.5 credit)
  • Introduction to Theatre Arts (0.5 credit)
  • Competitive Drama I (1 credit)
  • Introduction to Journalism (0.5 credit)
  • Introduction to Social & Online Media (0.5 credit)
  • Spanish I (or Spanish II if passed Spanish I in middle school) (1 credit)
  • French I (1 credit)
  • German I (1 credit)
  • Freshmen Women's Choir (1 credit)
  • Women's Choir (1 credit)
  • Men's Choir (1 credit)
  • Concert Choir/Chorale (audition only) (1 credit)
  • Chamber Choir (audition only) (1 credit)
  • Marching Band (0.5 credit)
  • Concert/Symphonic Band or Freshmen Concert Band (THS) (0.5 credit)
  • Concert Orchestra (0.5 credit)
  • Symphonic Orchestra (0.5 credit)
  • Music Appreciation (0.5 credit)
  • Health (0.5 credit)
  • Personal Fitness & Wellness (0.5 credit)
  • Team Sports (0.5 credit)
  • Strength Training & Conditioning (1 credit)
  • Basic Photography (0.5 credit)
  • Introduction to Visual Arts (0.5 credit)