Technology Usage Form for Staff


The World of the 21st Century is a technological world, and the Independence School District must prepare students to be successful users of technology.  To accomplish this, all district staff must be provided with appropriate technology, training, and support to instruct, record and assess student learning, track student activities, analyze data, and communicate student information to parents, members of the community, and the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.             

Staff and students must exercise care in the use of district provided technologies and must share in the responsibility of using technology appropriately.  Acceptable use policies have been developed for staff and students to explain how technologies are to be used and the consequences of misuse.   

Technology Acceptable Use Guidelines for Staff               

Staff members of the Independence School District will be provided access to technologies necessary to successfully perform assigned duties.  Training will be provided to ensure that all staff members know how to use available technologies, and support will be provided to ensure that all technologies function properly.  The computers will be configured for maximum efficiency and ease of support.  Any changes to the computer settings will be performed by Technology Staff members, and will be based upon need.   


All Staff members will be provided a username and password to be used to gain access to computer applications, email, and the internet.  Computer use will be logged according to the username and password.  The system will prompt each user to change his/her password occasionally to provide security to each account.  It is important that users keep usernames and passwords confidential.   

Equipment Use              

Members of the Technology Staff will maintain all district equipment and users are expected to exercise care in the use of this equipment.  Misuse of equipment will result in staff members being denied access to equipment.   

Internet Use            

Internet access is provided for educational purposes.  Staff members accessing or attempting to access unacceptable websites will be denied internet access and may face additional consequences.   


In addition to regularly changing passwords and keeping usernames and passwords confidential, additional security measures should be taken.  Once logged in, a user should not leave the computer unattended without locking the computer.  PC’s can be locked by pressing Ctrl-Alt-Delete and then clicking “Lock Computer”. Once locked, only the person currently logged in can unlock the computer by pressing Ctrl-Alt-Delete and then entering his/her password.  This will then return the user to the application he/she had been using prior to locking the computer. For security of data, teacher and staff computers are “automatically locked” after 15 consecutive minutes of non-use; the staff member will be required to enter his/her password to reactivate the computer.             

To protect the district network and equipment from viruses, no personal equipment may be brought into the district or connected to the district network.   

File Sharing           

Copyright laws protect various forms of software, music, and video files.  Staff and students should not be downloading such file unless appropriate fees have been paid and the files are for educational use.  Students will not be allowed to download any files without teacher supervision.  Files not protected by copyright laws may be shared provided it is for educational purposes and does not contain inappropriate material.  The district will be compliant with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and will address any possible copyright infringement.   

Software Licensing             

It is illegal to install software without licenses; therefore all software installed on district computers must have appropriate licenses.  In order to standardize software across the district, all software purchases must go through the technology department.  As new software is purchased, a record of all software licenses will be kept in the technology department and should be kept at the building level as well.   


Teachers must provide good supervision of students while they are using computers and other forms of technology.  That begins by reviewing the rules for Network Etiquette and Privacy with each student.  With proper supervision, students are less likely to misuse the equipment or attempt to access something that is prohibited.  When students are engaged in using technology as part of a class activity, teachers should move around the room and observe each student frequently.  If students are allowed to go to the Library Media Center or computer lab individually to use any form of technology, the building Principal or Library Media Specialist may impose certain requirements on those students in order to provide appropriate supervision.           


Use of technology will result in the need for students and staff to print files and documents.  Each building will need to establish procedures for managing the printing process and addressing any printing abuses or problems that may occur.   

Technology Support             

Each building will have one person to contact with technology problems in the building. Chrisman and Truman high schools will have a half-time technician assigned to those buildings.  All other schools will have a Building Technology Coordinator. That building person will first attempt to address the problem.  If unable to correct the problem, he/she will submit a work order to the technology department and a technician will be assigned to address the problem.