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Updated Student Attendance Policy for High School Students beginning the 2017-2018 School Year

We are excited about the next school year and want to communicate important information regarding student attendance and denial of credit for high school students with excessive absences. A missed school day is a lost opportunity for students to learn. Students who attend school regularly achieve at higher levels than students who do not have regular attendance. We want to ensure that all students regularly attend school for the entire instructional day.  Attendance is essential to achieving success in school. Education is a total process based on continual communication and shared responsibilities among parents, students, teachers and students.

Beginning in the 2017-18 school year, the Independence School District will be implementing an updated attendance policy for our high school students. If a student reaches nine absences in any one class, they may face denial of credit for that class. The student will continue to have the opportunity to work proactively with their assigned administrator to make up missed time prior to the end of each semester. Absences that could lead to denial of credit if totaling nine would include: oversleeping, family vacation, missing the bus, no ride to school, needed at home, personal business, car trouble, other absences excused by a parent and illness without medical documentation. Absences that would not lead to denial of credit would include hospitalization with documentation, doctor appointment with documentation, counselor and office visits, religious observances, and if a student is sent home by the school nurse. Students will have numerous opportunities to make up their time, as well as frequent notifications of their status before facing denial of credit.

Thank you for partnering with us to ensure your student is in class and ready to learn! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact your school counseling team.

Vaccine Requirements

The State of Missouri requires every incoming Senior and 8th grader to have the Meningococcal vaccine. Eighth grade students are required to have 1 dose, 12th grade students are required to have 2 doses, unless the first dose is given after the age of 16.

This vaccine is routinely given at doctors’ offices after age 11 and a booster at/or after age 16. Please check with your child’s doctors’ office to see if your student has received the Meningococcal vaccine. If your student has received the Meningococcal vaccine please fax a copy of the immunization record to 816-521-5606 or bring proof to the nurse. 

If you have questions please call the Chrisman Nurses at 816-521-5355.

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