Why Work in Kids' Safari?

Join the Kids' Safari team and play an important role in the lives of our children by providing an enriching, fulfilling and fun programs before and after the school day. You will be a part of an exciting educating department, offering full and part time positions, benefit options, competitive pay, access to the ISD employee health clinic and wellness center. 

Available Positions:

Kids' Safari Staff (part-time)

Kids' Safari Lead Staff (part-time)

Kids' Safari Site Coordinator (full-time)



What We Love About Working in Kids' Safari
"One of the many reasons I like working in Kids' Safari is being a resource for parents and families. I love that we get to build those relationships, and we get to see our families every morning and afternoon."
Erica Kreisler, Kids' Safari Site Coordinator
"The impact Kids' Safari has on the community is very fulfilling! Helping families and making new friends is something that will always be rewarding."
Brad Ross, Kids' Safari Site Coordinator
"Kids' Safari offers an experienced support system to guide me in the right direction to be an educator while I am in school."
- Valarie Morris, Kids' Safari Staff
"We are the bridge between our school and our families. Relationships are created that not only shape children's lives but also our families and community. We are more than care. We are an extended family."
Dawn Jones, Kids' Safari Site Coordinator 
"We have such a great community in Independence, and there is always a child that can brighten your day!"
- Kinya Ross, Kids' Safari Lead Staff 
"I have been in the program long enough now that students I had in elementary school are now in high school and are A+students helping teachers here at William Southern. That is really special to see. I love the students and our wonderful families."
- Kay Ramsey, Kids' Safari Staff