Frequently Asked Questions


1. How much does Kids’ Safari & Latitude cost?
Please contact the Youth Development department at 816-521-5300 for more information regarding Kids' Safari fees.

2. How do I enroll in Kids’ Safari or Latitude?

Step 1: Complete the enrollment request form and return it to the Site Coordinator at your student's school.
(Solicitud de Matrícula)

Step 2: Complete the online registration portion in Eleyo. Click here to get started.   

Step 3: Your home school Site Coordinator will contact you to complete paperwork and orientation.

Step 4:  Pay $30.00 Annual Registration Fee per child and 1st week's fee prior to starting care.   

A child is officially enrolled when this process is complete and your Eleyo contract has been approved. 


3. How long does it take to get enrolled? Can my child start immediately?
The enrollment process takes a minimum of 24 to 48 hours to complete. Children can only begin attending when the the enrollment process is completely finished.


4. Which schools offer the Kids' Safari Pre-K Program?

Kids' Safari Pre-K is offered at Blackburn, Hanthorn, Santa Fe Trail and Sycamore Hills.  Kids' Safari Pre-K is offered for before and after school services and will not be offered during non-school days. 


5. Once I complete a contract in Eleyo can my child start?
Your child can begin attending after you have completed the three steps of enrollment and you received an email indicating that your contract has been approved.


6. How do I know when my contract has been approved and my child can start?
Your child can start when you receive an email saying your contract is approved.


7. I was enrolled in Kids’ Safari/Latitude last year. Am I automatically enrolled for the new school year?
No, you need to re-enroll for each school year.


8. How do I change my contract?
Parents needing to change services (i.e. enrolled in part time but needing full time services) should provide a minumum of one week advance written notification to their Site Coordinator, and create a new contract in Eleyo. Contract changes must start at the beginning of the week and has to be approved prior to beginning.


9. I no longer need before and after school services. What do I need to do to cancel services?
Parents are to provide a minimum of one week advance written notification to their Site Coordinator, as well as cancelling their contract in Eleyo. All outstanding debt that has accrued prior to withdrawing from the program must be resolved. Weekly fees will continue to be assessed to your account until written notification is received.

Note: All unpaid balances remain on our records. To be eligible to re-enroll in any Kids’ Safari, or Early Education program, all balances must be paid in full. If an account remains unpaid it will be turned over to a collection agency to pursue all available means to collect.


10. How do I make changes to the authorized pick-ups for my child?
You will speak with your Site Coordinator to update the authorized pick-ups on your emergency card. The Site Coordinator will then update the authorized pick-ups in Eleyo.


11.How do I sign-up for my child to attend on a non-school day?
Kids' Safari full day services are offered for Kids' Safari K-5 and Kid's Safari at Latitute.  Kids' Safari Pre-K is not open on non-school days.  Parents must sign up using Eleyo for the non school day they wish to attend before the deadline. After the deadline non school day registration will close and you will no longer be able to sign up using Eleyo. Parents wanting to enroll after the deadline will need to contact their home school Site Coordinator to see if space is available to attend, space is not guaranteed after the deadline. All accounts will be billed according to who is signed up for services regardless of attendance.

Note: Students who show up for full day services and have not been signed up in advance will not be allowed to stay.


12. Where does my child go on non-school days?


13.When are the sign-up deadlines for non-school days?


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