Kids' Safari Site Coordinator

Job Description:


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Childhood Development, Youth Development or Elementary Education
  • Lift, carry, and/or hold children up to 70 pounds
  • Two years of experience in teaching or managing school-age children in a before and after school-age care environment preferred

Fair Labor Standards Act Status: Non-exempt


Reports to: Principal and Director of Kids’ Safari or Designee


Job Goal: To effectively supervise, plan, coordinate, and direct a balanced before and after school program that supports each student’s development and achievement.


Performance Responsibilities:

  • Provide a nurturing and appropriate learning environment for students in a before and after school setting
  • Facilitate the hiring process, interviewing process, and ongoing supervision and evaluation of youth development staff
  • Manage Kids’ Safari staff to ensure appropriate supervision of students at all times and in compliance of adult to child rations
  • Actively recruit and market program to families and in neighborhoods
  • Demonstrate and utilize appropriate positive guidance and discipline techniques in accordance to district standers
  • Maintain an orderly physical environment conducive to optimal growth and development of students
  • Acquire a thorough knowledge of quality standards for before and after school programming and integrate into all areas of the ISD program
  • Monitor overall program implementation and perform on-going evaluation to assure quality of services and support for children and families
  • Organize, facilitate, and monitor the program’s daily schedule and curriculum
  • Organize and implement ongoing student assessments to ensure the program is meeting the needs of each student enrolled
  • Provide developmentally appropriate experiences that encourage diversity and recognize individual student differences, regardless of special abilities, talents, ethnic heritage, culture or language
  • Establish rapport and communicate with parents regarding their child’s progress and enrichment education
  • Participate in school advisory council/committee to represent the Kids’ Safari program
  • Provide quarterly family development activities in tandem with scheduled building activities
  • Maintain relationship and facilitate duties with Central Office Kids’ Safari and Business Office to assist with tracking family accounts, DSS paperwork, site expenditures, and site budgets
  • Develop and maintain positive working relationship with key building personnel
  • Collaborate with district administrators, building teaching staff, and other Kids’ Safari Coordinators to promote the sharing of activities, teaching techniques, and appropriate instructional practices
  • Cooperate with support staff and building personnel to assist with meeting program requirements
  • Maintain relationships with students, parents, and neighborhood community to ensure neighborhood school model of programming
  • Maintain current Food Handler’s permit
  • Maintain current CPR and First Aid Certification
  • Comply with state of Missouri licensing regulations, YPQI standards and procedures to safeguard the health and safety of children in the program
  • Participate in YPQA and creating/implement a quality improvement plan to be updated annually
  • Maintain student data base, including enrollment, weekly attendance, health, behavior, activities/events and other relevant student data
  • Attend all required department and school meetings including designated evening or Saturday times
  • Participate in required professional development on a department, district, local, state, and/or national level
  • Submit physical examination to include tuberculin screening
  • Responsible for reading and complying with Kids’ Safari Family Handbook, Kids’ Safari Site Coordinator and Administrative Guide, Kids’ Safari Employee Handbook, Independence School District Policy and Procedures, as well as State and Federal guidelines specific to programming 
  • Maintain client confidentiality according to established policy
  • Complete other duties as defined and assigned


Terms of Employment: Kids’ Safari Site Coordinator will be employed for twelve month positions.  The salary and work year will be established annually by the Board of Education.


Evaluation: Performance of this job will be evaluated by the immediate supervisor, using the Independence School District Kids’ Safari Site Coordinator Performance Based Evaluation.