Kids' Safari Staff

Job Description:


  • High School Diploma or GED required
  • Six credit hours that includes child and youth development and other course work related to school-age care programming 
  • AA Degree preferred
  • Lift, carry, and/or hold children up to 70 pounds
  • Minimum of eighteen months working with children in a school-age care or youth development setting

Fair Labor Standards Act Status:  Non-Exempt

Reports to: Principal and Kids’ Safari Site Coordinator or Designee

Job Goal: Supervision and guidance of school-age children and the facilitation of age appropriate activities under the supervision of a Kids’ Safari Site Coordinator.

Performance Responsibilities:

  • Kids’ Safari Staff
  1. actively participates in program delivery
  2. facilitates age appropriate activities
  3. participates in planning of student activities
  4. assembles materials for program activities
  5. assists in record keeping and documentation
  6. maintains program routines and schedules
  7. cooperates with all Kids’ Safari to assist with maintaining program requirements
  8. models positive dispositions
  9. communicates in an effective manner
  • Provides a safe, nurturing and appropriate learning environment
  • Maintains a positive relationship with students, families and co-workers
  • Delivers developmentally appropriate experiences that encourage diversity and recognize individual differences regardless of special abilities, talents, ethnic heritage, culture and language
  • Engages in frequent and meaningful conversations with children:
  1. asks students relevant open-ended questions
  2. provides students with specific, descriptive feedback
  3. communicates with students at eye level
  4. facilitates and stimulates conversation among students
  • Participates in communication and establishing rapport with families
  • Maintains visual and auditory awareness of students at all times to ensure their safety
  • Appropriately supervises students in both inside and outside activities
  • Assumes and thoroughly completes all duties and responsibilities in a timely, willing and appropriate manner
  • Is reliable and timely in performing job responsibilities
  • Follow district Confidentiality Policies and uses discretion at all times
  • Follows state of Missouri licensing, YPQI standards, and procedures to safeguard the health and safety of children in the program
  • Professional image is consistent with department and building expectations
  • Maintains current Food Handler’s permit
  • Maintains current CPR and First Aid Certification
  • Actively participates in all district and department professional development
  • Submits physical examination to include a tuberculin screening
  • Responsible for reading and complying with Kids’ Safari Family Handbook, Kids’ Safari Employee Handbook, District Policy & Procedures, District Employee Handbook as well as State and Federal guidelines specific to program
  • Complete other duties as defined and assigned

Terms of Employment: Kids’ Safari staff will be employed for nine (9) month positions.  The salary and work year will be established annually by the Board of Education.

Evaluation: Performance of this job will be evaluated by the immediate supervisor, using the Independence Kids’ Safari Staff Performance Based Evaluation.

HR 4.16.19