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The Academies of ISD Overview

The Academies of the ISD


5109: Accounting I (1 credit PAR, Gr. 10-12)

Prerequisite: Introduction to Business and Management

This course is designed to meet the needs of three types of students: (1) those interested in accounting or business as a major in college (2) those interested in learning about keeping the financial records for their own businesses in the future, and (3) those interested in doing general office work. The course provides training in bookkeeping principles, payroll, and financial reports. Students will get practical experience in accounting through the use of spreadsheets and computer-based accounting programs. 

5301: Accounting II (1 credit PAR, Gr. 11-12, weighted) College Credit Available

Prerequisite: Accounting I

This course is a continuation of the first year course with an emphasis on cost, managerial, and corporate accounting. There will be additional study in automated accounting and computer-based spreadsheet applications. After completing this course, students planning to major in accounting or business in college will be better prepared for university-level accounting and students seeking employment immediately after high school will be better qualified for entry-level accounting positions.

6106: Advanced Interior Design (1 credit PAR, Gr. 11-12)

Prerequisite: Interior Design 

This second level course will provide students the opportunity to enhance their knowledge in the areas of interior design. Students will discover a variety of visual techniques, research development of designers and career options, and textiles for construction. Students will continue to strengthen their leadership and employment skills. 

5302: AP Economics (1 credit PAR, Gr. 11-12, weighted) College Credit by Exam Available

Prerequisite: Accounting I, Business Finance, Marketing, or Youth Entrepreneurs 

The purpose of this course is to give students a thorough understanding of the principles of economics that apply to the functions of individual decision makers, both consumers and producers, within the economic system. It places primary emphasis on the nature and functions of product markets and includes the study of factor markets and of the role of government in promoting greater efficiency and equity in the economy.

8105: Architectural Drafting (1 credit PAR, Gr. 10-12)

Prerequisite: Introduction to Engineering Design or Introduction to Visual Arts

This course in drafting deals with the principals involved in site selection, room planning, exterior styling, designing structural elements of house dwellings, and computer graphics as it relates to architectural drawing. Students will be introduced to various construction methods, building materials, and terminology used in the architectural fields. Preparation of a complete set of plans and specifications for a house of traditional and/or contemporary design will be required in a CADD environment.

5316: Business Capstone (2-4 credits PAR, Gr. 11-12)

Prerequisite: Accounting I, Business Finance, Marketing, or Youth Entrepreneurs 

This course provides students with a unique experiential learning opportunity to gain hands-on business and entrepreneurial skills useful for any career path. Students operate a retail and screen print business (All Things Independence) and/or bakery (Taste of Independence) or work at the ISD Bank as part of their coursework. Students are responsible for all aspects of the business including but not limited to management, sales, research, purchasing, inventory, merchandising, graphic design, facilities management, accounting, financial analysis, screen printing, and training. Students must apply and will be selected through an interview process.  

5117: Business Law (0.5 credit PAR, Gr. 10-12)

This course will teach students how the laws that govern business are relevant to their everyday lives. Specific areas include kinds of laws, crimes, laws for minors, laws for families, laws for consumers, contracts, bankruptcy, repossessions, employment contracts, discrimination, landlords, and cyber laws. This course will also discuss entrepreneurship law, family law, and criminal law. Additionally this course combines practical opportunities as well as expertise of a business organization. Students will work with the local community in order to apply practical applications of economics. Entrepreneurial possibilities are available within this course. Students will learn to make economical decisions, keep business records and documents, as well as market products targeting local economical issues and business careers.

5312: College Business (1 credit PAR, Gr. 11-12, weighted) College Credit Available

Prerequisite: Accounting I, Business Finance, Marketing, or Youth Entrepreneurs 

This course provides an overview of all phases of business, including ownership, marketing, personnel, finance, managerial controls, communications, and the relationship of business to the social and economic environment in which it operates.

8528: Cosmetology - 8 credits (7 credits PAR and 1 credit ENG, Gr. 12)

The cosmetology program at Herndon Career Center prepares students for the Missouri State Board of Licensing examination and to become employed as a cosmetologist. The major study units of this 1,220-hour, full-day program are understanding the properties of hair and scalp; haircutting techniques; chemical applications; skincare and make up; nail care; personal hygiene; business and professional ethics; safety, sterilization and sanitation methods; salesmanship and communication skills; and state laws and rules.

6200: Culinary Essentials (1 credit PAR, Gr. 10-12)

Prerequisite: Introduction to Hospitality and Culinary

This course will provide a foundation in the science of keeping food safe, exploring the influence of social and cultural food practices, applying scientific and mathematical principles to food preparation and meal planning. Through practical laboratory experiences, cooperative learning and organizational skills, as well as time management, students will become familiar with kitchen tools, equipment, terminology, recipes, and communication skills needed for successful food service careers.

6210: Culinary I (4 credits PAR, Gr. 11-12)

Prerequisite: Culinary Essentials

Culinary I course content will focus on safety and sanitation, kitchen essentials, management essentials, customer service, communication, purchasing, inventory and cost controls, culinary arts, marketing, and nutrition. The course will use the ProStart curriculum from the National Restaurant Association. ProStart is a nationwide, two-year program for high school students. ProStart's industry-driven curriculum provides real-world educational opportunities and builds practical skills and a foundation that will last a lifetime. This program provides opportunities for industry recognized certification and internships.

6220: Culinary II (4 credits PAR, Gr. 12)

Prerequisite: Culinary I

Culinary II course content expands the study of restaurant management and food preparation. Further emphasis is placed on leadership and management skills, current trends in food service sustainability and cultural influences in an increasingly global market. The course will use the ProStart curriculum from the National Restaurant Association.  ProStart is a nationwide, two-year program for high school students. ProStart's industry-driven curriculum provides real-world educational opportunities and builds practical skills and a foundation that will last a lifetime. This program provides opportunities for industry recognized certification and internships.

6120: Design Capstone (1-2 credits PAR, Gr. 12)

Prerequisite: Advanced Interior Design

This capstone is a project that allows students to learn about themselves by moving an idea or dream toward a topic of interest, specialization, community need, or career choice. As part of this course, all students must complete a capstone experience which may include, but is not limited to: senior project, virtual enterprise, internship, externship, work-based learning, service learning, community service, etc.

This course can be taken as either one or two credits, depending on the chosen project. In the spring semester of the student’s junior year, the student will develop a capstone proposal for approval.

5214: Digital Marketing Capstone (2-4 credits PAR, Gr. 12)

Prerequisite: Marketing or Youth Entrepreneurs

This course explores the world of digital media marketing and how it impacts and is integrated along with our traditional marketing channels. Consumers are more active in the marketing process and in influencing how brands communicate with them than ever before. This course utilizes Project Based Learning to explore the latest digital marketing trends by helping local small businesses develop their digital presence. Students will research strategies for success and will aid clients in retaining customers via email marketing, online display advertising, and social media strategies.

7128: Graphic Design I (0.5 credit FAR, Gr. 9-12)

Prerequisite: Introduction to Visual Arts

This course will explore the elements and principles of art with today’s ever-increasing need of knowledge regarding art technology. This class will utilize computer software, such as Adobe Illustrator, in creation of original artwork. Some basic Photoshop and digital camera skills will be introduced. This is a class for the student who desires to explore their art in a computer-based medium and for future career paths in design.

7129: Graphic Design II (0.5 credit FAR, Gr. 9-12)

Prerequisite: Graphic Design I

This second level course will further explore the elements and principles of art with today’s ever-increasing need of knowledge regarding art technology.  This class will utilize computer software, such as Adobe Illustrator, in creation of original artwork.  Some basic Photoshop and digital camera skills will be introduced.  This is a class for the student who desires to explore their art in a computer-based medium and for future career paths in design.

6012: Hospitality and Tourism Management Program I (1 credit PAR, Gr. 11-12)

Prerequisite: Introduction to Hospitality and Culinary AND Culinary Essentials or Marketing

This course will allow students to learn about one of the fastest growing industries, allowing for a variety of career options in the travel, tourism, restaurant and other hospitality segments. Emphasis will be placed on the skills and processes needed to launch, build and succeed in this exciting career field. Students will learn how the areas of hotel service, food and beverage, cruises and theme parks, and transportation segments operate and prepare for an exciting future.

6014: Hospitality and Tourism Management Program II (2 credits PAR, Gr. 12)

Prerequisite: Hospitality and Tourism Management Program I

Students will continue to explore careers in Hospitality and Tourism with this second course. Students will plan and manage vacations, resorts, conventions, conferences, cruise ships and theme parks. Graduates of the program will receive a certificate of completion from the Educational Institute after passing the final exam of both HTMP I and HTMP II. Additionally, after the workplace requirement has been met, students are eligible for a professional certification from the Educational Institute. This designation is recognized internationally, and is called the Certified Hospitality & Tourism Management Professional (CHTMP).

Internship experience offered second semester with local companies.

6105: Interior Design (0.5 credit PAR, Gr. 9-11)

Interior Design is designed to introduce students to the professional, technical, and aesthetic aspects of the interior environment. It will provide students with applied design principles and elements, traditional drafting methods, and current industry standard technology. Students will produce technical drawings and prepare presentation plans, as well as exploring career opportunities in the field of design.

5101: Introduction to Business and Management (0.5 credit PAR, Gr. 9-11)

This introductory course is designed to give students an understanding of business practices. It serves as a background of information for those students who plan to continue with other business courses and as a general information course for personal use. It includes the study of such areas as the free enterprise system, economics, exploring business careers, consumerism, and business technology. The course introduces business practices and structure between all levels of an organization. Students are encouraged to approach their work from an entrepreneurial perspective, and focus on the value that an employee can bring to the company.

6010: Introduction to Hospitality and Culinary (0.5 credit PAR, Gr. 9-11)

This course was developed with the American Hotel and Lodging Educational Institute as an introductory course providing students with an overview of the hotel and restaurant industry. It includes an introduction to careers within the hospitality industry and includes topics such as guest services, professionalism, travel and tourism, and food and beverage services.

7110: Introduction to Visual Arts (0.5 credit FAR, Gr. 9-11)

This course is designed for all students to review or learn basic knowledge of art by mastering the competencies art history, criticism, aesthetics, and production. Students will learn the elements and principles of art, know how to use them, and create pieces of artwork that display this knowledge. In addition, students will be participating in subject-related reading and writing activities and outside the class assignments. Students will be expected to solve problems using higher-order thinking skills. This course is the prerequisite for all future art courses. 

5207:  Marketing (1 credit PAR, Gr. 10-12)

Prerequisite:  Introduction to Business and Management

This course outlines an instructional program for students who are interested in a career in the field of marketing and management. This class is designed to provide an understanding of the fundamental marketing processes and an orientation to the American free enterprise system. Course content will include seven functions of marketing with an in-depth look into:  communication & interpersonal skills, promotion, selling, economics, buying, pricing, and much more! When applicable, real-world lessons and examples will be used to reinforce the course concepts. 

8800: Nail Technician (4 credits PAR, Gr. 11-12)

This program is a year-long, half day course at Blue Springs. The purpose of the nail technician program is to prepare students for an exciting career as a nail technician. Students will gain knowledge and experience with basic and spa manicures and pedicures. The curriculum also covers nail enhancements, such as acrylics, wraps, gels and gel polish. In addition safety and sanitation, business marketing, and customer service are skills that are covered. Upon completion of the course, students will take the State Board Exam, and if they receive a passing score the student will be a licensed nail technician.

5124: Office Productivity Suite (0.5 credit PAR, Gr. 9-12)

This course is designed to help students master beginning skills in the areas of word processing, spreadsheet software, and the proper creation and application of professional presentations. Students will learn file management, how to save and find files, use a network, and share files with others for collaboration. Students will learn the software skills needed in Microsoft and Google to be effective in school and the workplace. Advanced projects combining all of Microsoft Office and Google software will be included in the course.

1529: Public Speaking/College Speech (0.5 credit ELE, Gr. 10-12, weighted) College Credit Available

This course is designed to improve students' public speaking skills in real-world communication situations. The class challenges students to become more effective speakers and listeners in a variety of communication tasks. Students will participate in group discussions, research, listening exercises, and prepare various speeches individually, and learn to both give and receive constructive criticism.

5200: Youth Entrepreneurs (1 credit PAR, Gr. 10-12)

Prerequisite: Introduction to Business and Management

This course is designed to offer practical training and experience to students in the field of entrepreneurship and management. Students will gain an appreciation for business and free enterprise, complete a business plan, and have an understanding of the components for a successful business. Through team activities, computer simulations, hands-on experiences (i.e. Market Day, Dare to Dream, etc.), and competitions, students are challenged to start their own business, enhance their business skills for future career opportunities, and continue into higher education. This class will be conducted in partnership with area businesses and Youth Entrepreneurs, which is affiliated with the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship. Participation in DECA is highly suggested. The marketing objectives align co-curricular with the DECA competition and will be used as projects in the classroom on occasion.