Freshman Academy

During their freshman year, students will be enrolled in Career Exploration and Personal Finance. During this combined year-long class, students will complete five major tasks:

  • Design a Ten Year Plan
  • Visit a College
  • Take Part in a Career Fair
  • Complete Personal Finance Requirement
  • Choose a Career Academy

Students are encouraged to develop a plan that will create a successful exit whether they dive directly from high school into a career, attend a two-year college, get a four-year degree, or attain a post-graduate degree.

Students will determine their ten year plan based on interest, ability, goals, and expectations. It is the first important step on the road to success.

Course Description

1800: Career Exploration - Freshmen (0.5 credit ELE, 1st semester Gr. 9)

This is a required class for all incoming freshmen that focuses on exploring personal interests and career options. During this course, students will develop a 10-year plan, visit a college, attend a career fair, and choose one of the ISD Career Academies. As students develop their plans, they will be encouraged to explore a variety of options to create a path for post-secondary success, including but not limited to, both two- and four-year colleges/universities, career and technical training, certification programs, and the workforce.

1802: Personal Finance - Freshmen (0.5 credit FIN, 2nd semester Gr. 9)

This is a required class for all incoming freshman during the second semester that focuses on students job skills and understanding finances. Students will learn how to search, apply, and interview for a job. Students will also be taught the skills to manage their personal finances to ensure future financial success. Incorporated into the curriculum are the Missouri Personal Finance Competencies. Topics covered are banking, credit, savings, investing, and budgeting.